Presently Available Dance Styles, Programs Tutorials, Performance & Tour Packages.
All styles includes 5-Minutes TBS "Anatomy-of-Dance":
Salsa | TBS Hips-Hop Salsa | Belly Dance | Greek - Balkan | Bhangra | Swing | Merengue | Batchata* | (*Batchata is  NOT club style)
TBS teaches Batchata as an art form and body language course.
TBS began with specific focus:
Formerly Technique & Balance Studios Times Square NYC. The studio now VirtualTBS was first establish in the heart of Times Square New York City. Founder and Dance Instructor Michael Foster suggested his prime focus for such an investment was solely based on the TBS Brand awareness.
"We believed that once our brand become established in Times Square NYC - The Cross-Roads of the World, then introducing the TBS Dance Programs to the world of people everywhere would be easier".
Founder: Michael Foster
VirtualTBS market simplified:
VirtualTBS is now the premiere On-Demand Brand known to associate exclusively to companies with 100 plus employees, state, local & government (Municipal) office staff, public or private recreational facilities, hotels & universities, gyms, private recreational dance clubs, hospitals and residential courts. 
VirtualTBS is a Focused Brand:
Building a brand in Times Square NYC was no easy task. We have had our pains. The dance programs which paved a way towards TBS success from the get-go is still the crust of our success today.

Having a brand established at the Cross-Roads-of-the-World is the key reason why VirtualTBS has become a successful brand throughout the USA and internationally. Great cities such as Dubai, Paris, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Tokyo. TBS now co-exist as dance persona-brand to large travel Cruises and popular Travel Hotspots.
TBS: A Modern EXCLUSIVE Brand:
Rightfully enough the TBS Dance Brand is today the premiere dance brand to co-exist with similar dance brands such as Alvin Ailey, Arthur Murray and other great international dance brands.
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