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The Anatomy of Dance is for everyone.
Professional Dancers A Latin & Ballroom dance instructor will benefit by understanding of what is her own style, natural physical structure in the forms & expressions specific to a chosen style of dance. No Body structure in its originality is exactly the same.  
Young individuals, Teens & Adults. By attempting to study any type of Latin & Ballroom dancing styles. A student will adapt a method of learning to dance in the quickest, safest & easiest possible way by studying TBS Anatomy of Dance for only 5-minutes prior to selected style.  
For Models & Super - Stars. TBS Anatomy of Dance touches forms & expressions innate & specific to your natural physical structure & balance. She will learn the art of Body-Language & use it to communicate ways beyond any words of expressions imaginable.  
For physical help & persons with special Physical needs. TBS Anatomy of Dance provides special programs for gyms, physical therapy centers & individuals suffering wit Parkinson's Disease.  
A Complete Knowledge of your Physical Anatomy Creates instant self awareness, personal confidence, general body language & complete control.
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