The Anatomy of Dance is for everyone.
Technique & Balance™ was first introduced to dance instructors and learning dance centers in 2003. Our History is still unfolding today as we've transformed the original Technique & Balance™ program from including only one style latin dance (Argentine Tango) to up to 8-styles specific to Latin & Ballroom social dancing.

As our history continues to unfold the T&b programs?
Technique & Balance™ Studio is now gone Virtual. VirtualTBS is now engolf into a future of which will culminate consistently with our past growth.

Our history is today and tomorrow, because of what we've begun years ago. Are you a professional dance instructor? Do you own a dance studio. Register to learn how to become a part of this future. Offers available to international participating dance learning centers.
Become a part of this dance future phenomenum.
A Latin & Ballroom dance instructor will benefit by understanding of what is her own style, natural physical structure in the forms & expressions specific to a chosen style of dance. No Body structure in its originality is exactly the same.
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